Our Zoo

Peaches - our cockatiel

Peaches is about 7 years old. Peaches was a baby when we got him and needed to be fed with an eyedropper for about a month. He is very tame and loves to be around the kids, noise and all!  Peaches often sings when the kids sing and says, "hello George", when he thinks no one is watching.

Rooster - our rooster

Yes, he's named Rooster. Rooster was donated to our school by one of our families. He quickly came to be at-home amid our students. During the day he roams the yard in search of a stray Cheeto or a Lunchable. His best friend is our pet pigeon who he enjoys hanging out with. When it's cold at night he will sneak inside the boot room and roost on the top shelf.

Bubba - our snake!

Bubba was discovered by myself and my two sons while bike riding through the mountains. He has been tame from the moment we picked him up to this very day. He's been a member of our family for about 8 years.

Bubba was recently given a brand new cage and is climbing around showing off for the kids almost daily.